Travel Agent

With this system, you can manage your website by your self and manage multiple packages. Changing your content trough admin system and see the result immediately.

Dynamic Website:

  1. Design of website layout, banner, and one simple flash animation.
  2. Support one (1) language system.
  3. Picture gallery for the website.
  4. Simple contact form.
  5. Admin system for editing, remove, and add your packages details (price, text, and picture).
  6. Statistic report for one (1) year.
  7. Submit your website to various search engine such as google and yahoo. This is very important because it help the search engine crawl your website to their database system.
  8. Free 1 year domain name and server for the hosting.
  9. Free 3 email account.

it cost you about Rp 7.000.000,-