Online Shopping

With this system, you can manage your online store by your self and manage multiple products. Changing your content trough admin system and see the result immediately.

What you get?

  1. Design of website layout, banner, and one simple flash animation.
  2. Support one (1) language system.
  3. Add to my cart system.
  4. Online payment system with bank transfer or paypal payment system.
  5. Admin system for editing, remove, and add your categories and products detail (price, text, and picture).
  6. Online stock management inside admin system.
  7. 100 + product list. You can add through your admin system by your self.
  8. Maintenance for one month only.
  9. Free 1 year domain name and free 1 year hosting for above Rp 18.000.000.
  10. Free 3 email account.

it cost you about Rp 15.000.000 until Rp 35.000.000,-